About us

    Šenkvice –  village of about 4.000 inhabitants is situated in the western part of Slovakia, about 30 kilometers from the capital – Bratislava, in the most famous wine region in Slovakia in Central Europe.

    Culture, theatre and folklor have had a long tradition here. First theatricals took place already in 1906 and they continued till 1950. The Dramatic Ensemble Mladosť was established few years later. After 1969, Dramatic Ensemble Mladosť has transformed into the Traditional Folklore Dancing Ensemble.

Folklore programmes (verbal presentation in dialect, live music and dances) illustrated lives of people in the past  in: The traditional wedding in Šenkvice, the harvest home (celebration of harvest and the end of summer time), celebration of grapes and wine, winter traditions connected with Advent time, carnival traditions in the time between New Year´s Eve and Lenten season, spring and Easter traditions in Šenkvice.

    In the year of 2000 has begun a new age of Mladosť and most of members have continued till present days.

    Nowadays we are the Traditional Folklore Dancing Ensemble, group of 30  young people who try to treasure our ancestor´s heritage and pass it to children (we have also special section of children). Mladosť emphasizes traditions, folk songs and dances especially of the Little Carpathians (western part of Slovakia). There are just about five folklore ensembles, which perform traditions of this specific region in Slovakia and the folklore of this area is of great cultural value – so that is why we are trying to change it! :-)

    People can see us in traditional regional festivals all year, balls during carnival time, wine-tastings, weddings, international exhibitions of tourism in Bratislava and folklore festivals.

Mladosť has taken part in a lot of international festivals and events:

  • International Folk Festival Warsfolk, Poland (2007)
  • Slovenia (2007)
  • Croatia (2008)
  • Tunisia (2008)
  • Austria (2009)
  • Czech Republic (2010)
  • International Folk Festival Carpati, Romania (2011)
  • International Culture&Art "Pistachio" Festival, Turkey (2012)
  • Anseong Namsadang Baudeogi Festival, South Korea (2015)

    And do you know, what we like the most besides folk music and dances? To meet each other, because we are not only members of the folklore ensemble but also WE ARE FRIENDS! :-)