Lendler - Traditional wedding dance from Šenkvice

To šenkvické širé pole - Waltz from the Little Carpathians region

Nový sotyš - Polka in light-hearted style typical for the western part of Slovakia

Nebola som veselá - Unique dance from Šenkvice – girls are trying to show their skills and beauty to boys

Širákový - Authentic funny dance – boys are competing and playing with hats

Sedzi maci - Traditional Csardas from the Šenkvice region

Neborák - Atypical celebration dance – one boy is showing off his talent to couple of girls

Na Zrínskej hore - Boys and girls are getting familiar while dancing

Kača - Light-hearted dance perfoming by all girls and boys

Krížna - Rhytmic Polka

Majerán - Slow dance by girls - together with their typical impressive songs

Ešte som sa neoženil - Csardas - typical dance with a slow introduction and a fast and wild finish

Natrásaná  - One of the oldest dances from the Šenkvice region

Starý sotyš - Polka – a grandiose coupled dance

Židofka - Vivid exhibition of dance and songs

Ach mamenka - Rhytmic and dynamic Csardas performing by all dancers

Tancuj, tancuj - One of the most favourite Csardas in Slovakia

Čierny Balog - In this traditional dance from the Central Slovakia, full of dynamic and rhytmic steps, girls and boys are enjoying time and celebrate by dance and songs


Folklore music band

Our band in composition: violin, accordion, contrabass, vocals; plays live folklore music from all parts of Slovakia.